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  • 01The Company Piccolo Nuovo Teatro - PNT (Little New Theatre) was founded in 2010 and is the heritage of the historic company ATMO. Some of the artists that were part of the old company came together to found a cooperative in order to create Piccolo Nuovo Teatro, a new group of artists that carry on the tradition of ATMO offering both old shows and new productions.
    The experience acquired during 20 years of activity allowed them to face their new path with confidence and enthusiasm as Piccolo Nuovo Teatro.


    Nowadays the group is composed of eight elements and continues to be active in searching for new means of expression in a variety of performing arts (aerial dance, stilts, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, clowning) and in the invention and construction of scenography, costumes, special effects, masks etc. Tradition meets innovation to create productions of street theatre of great visual and emotional impact.


  • 02The acquisition of new skills and the opening out of the company to new forms and languages of theatre has triggered the leap to opening a school of street theatre for children. This will eventually include a school of circus theatre for children too. For a short period the school was housed in the premises of the Teatro Esperia in Bastia Umbra. From the start the company had a number of successes which led to the decision to purchase a Big Top circus tent so that the school of circus theatre could be transferred to it. This was named 'Rataplan'.
    The intent is to teach to children, in addition to theater arts, greater awareness of themselves and their potential physical expressiveness, to develop teamwork and relationships with others, enhancing their use of verbal expression and learning to organize their fantasies according to the rules of theatrical language.
    The school of street theater was immediately greatly appreciated, especially by parents who found significant improvements in their children's social relationships and self confidence.
    The configuration has changed: no more short courses but a real school, a one year duration with the aim of training future street artists. At our school every year the children, young
    people and adults will acquire new skills until they have a wealth of experience that will range from knowing how to use stilts and how to create masks to knowing how to walk on the tightrope and how to build a structure for scenography etc.


  • 03Spectacles of street theater are still the primary work of the theater company and new productions of shows of the square is the goal we are pursuing. We create a kind of street performance based on using props and diverse means of expression in unconventional places to enhance and integrate urban spaces. Strong and unexpected images and moments of great visual impact will show the evocative magic of street theater.
    By tradition, in productions of Piccolo Nuovo Teatro everyone, including the younger generation of artists is involved in the creation and construction of sets, costumes, scripts, ideas, etc.
    The experience of expert performers merges with the contribution of new members, creating an exchange that allows us to pursue a path of innovation while at the same time passing on our acquired skills.
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