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Characters on stilts in white clothes roam the streets. Elegant tailcoats for men, corsets and large skirts for women … They seem to come from another era or perhaps from another dimension … ladies and knights or angels without wings. They are ethereal and move with gallantry, filling the streets with light and sophisticated grace.
  •  During their performance they are accompanied by stage machinery that emits the sound track of the show. The characters perform with choreography and dance on stilts. They involve the public in moments of animation and interaction preserving an atmosphere that is always magical and surreal.
  •  The parade ends in a square or large space where the audience is involved in a collective game with white balloons 3 meters long and launched into the crowd. No one can resist the temptation to become a child again and play to the music with the enormous and very light balloons.
  •  Technical notes. Entertainment suitable for all ages. The parade is accompanied by moving stage machinery, circular with diameter of 160 cm and 180 cm high. It is amplified, it emits the sound track of the staging and has its own power. As it is an itinerant show, a route free from architectural barriers (stairs etc) is preferred. The duration of the parade varies from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes: the show is composed of two modules of a maximum of 30 minutes each. The two parts of the performance can be staged at different times of the day.

Itinerant parade street theatre white
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