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Zoé - The principle of life

Love that destroys souls until they fall into the abyss or brings them so high that they lose their breath, involves them, links them, separates them.
Even the gods suffer the same fate: the love between Pluto and Persephone**, the opposition which made the myth, is staged with magic created by the use of fire, lights, costumes, stilts and pyrotechnics that interweave a succession of moments of poetry and  high intensity until the deal is sealed between the Earth and the Underworld. Since when the seasons alternate in perpetuity.

  •  Since medieval times references to mythology, especially Greek, were present in daily life and often became the subject of folk tales, rituals and folk beliefs. They have left traces in art, literature etc. and are thus an important part of the cultural heritage of the modern age. This is why we've designed a show of square that was inspired by one of these myths, among the best known, that of the nymph Proserpina** and her love affair with the God of the Underworld Pluto.
  •  Telling of love can seem like a cliche but is always valid, in a world riddled with social struggles and divides both ethnic and cultural there is a strong need for an emotion that can counter them: love.
  •  The story that inspired the show is told by a weird and colorful company of 'mummers' appearing in front of the public, on board moveable stage machinery, in order to portray  the story of this controversial love.
  •  The narrative is relentless, from the story to the stage, where actors burst in on stilts or street actors are on the ground, wearing structures of fire and pyrotechnics that create a strong visual impact, large puppets and beautiful costumes inspired by Klimt complete the scenic richness.

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