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Our spectacles of street or urban theatre

  • 01Street theatre made of images and symbols that find their inspiration in Renaissance tradition, where street artists use stilts and pyrotechnics to tell stories of myths and legends.
    Each member of the theater company is also a craftsman who creates artistic productions: all elements of the shows, from scenography to costumes, from masks to stilts, are made in the laboratories of the company.

Our spectacles of street theatre and urban theatre

  • 02From rough materials both actual and abstract, singular works of art are created in their entirety. They are the fruit of great passion and dedication to the art of urban theater. Each show of the square has a well-defined objective: to share with the audience an imaginary journey between dream and reality using the Square as a natural stage of events.
teatro di strada Circondati da sospetti circensi
NEW PRODUCTION "CSC Circondati da sospetti circensi" Spectacle of street theatre at a fixed location or itinerant.
teatro di stradale stagioni dellamore
"Le Stagioni dell'Amore" The myth of Persephone who was abducted and torn from the love of her mother, the Earth, by the God Hades. Legend says that this kidnapping created the birth of the seasons. A show of street theatre at a fixed location.
teatro di strada storie tra raggi di luce
"Storie tra Raggi di Luce" Street theatre show with pyrotechnic effects of great impact. A story inspired by traditions, symbols, myths and medieval legends.
teatro di strada Atmosphere
"Atmosphere" It is a spectacle of the animation of a square that shows the theatre company at the pinnacle of street theater. Comedy show enhanced by the use of techniques used in puppetry.
teatro di strada Attesa
"L'Attesa" Street theater show inspired by the 'Desert of the Tartars' and Italian folk traditions related to the 'Night of Saint John' (June 24).
teatro di strada Parata CSC
NEW PRODUCTIONS "CSC Circondati da sospetti circensi" Street theater show Spettacolo or event of urban theatre, itinerant and dynamic.
artisti di strada Parata anni 70
"Parata Anni 70" (Parade of 70 years) An event of urban theatre, itinerant and dynamic, able to engage audiences of all ages in a whirlwind of comic gags, choreography and acrobatics on stilts.
artisti di strada Parata la diavolata
"La Diavolata" Devils and monstrous characters will alternate between colored smoke and gunpowder effects over the streets of the city, moved by the incessant rhythm of percussion.
artisti di strada parata white
"Parata White" A group of characters on stilts in white tailcoats parades, showing choreography and virtuosity along the streets of the city. They are accompanied by  white theatrical musical machinery that transmits music.
artisti di strada storie di streghe
"Storie di streghe" The show is inspired by the true story of Umbrian thaumaturge called Matteuccia, accused of witchcraft and condemned to be burned at the stake...
teatro ragazzi e proprio dolce la tua casa
"È proprio dolce la tua casa" Spectacle for children. A fantastic and amusing trip within the walls of the home, to discover the many dangers that lurk there...
teatro ragazzi Pulcinella e i consigli di re salomone
"Pulcinella e i consigli di re Salomone" spectacle of  children's theatre where Pulcinella offers a dynamic and comical journey to discover Umbria, somewhere between history and myth.


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