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Cappuccetto Rosso
(Or as a hug can change a wolf)

The Wolf is so bad? in this new version of Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale known it focuses more on Wolf.
And it turns out that it is a loner, forest lover, a little bit romantic, he terribly afraid of the hunter but is also extremely curious.

  •  And it is precisely because of its curiosity that knows a beautiful girl (Little Red Riding Hood) and a sweet little old lady who will discover how sweet and fun to embrace someone.
    The text runs you issue the identity / otherness.
  •  Through the recognition of themselves the protagonists be able to relate with each other and learn to express their emotions.
  •  The show approaches its audience to a total drama in which the actors as well as acting, will sing, will dance and perform in small numbers of stilts and aerial dance.
    Recommended for ages 3 years to 10 years.

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