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A passionate team that is dedicated to turning dreams into reality.

There are two key words that express the nature of the Piccolo Nuovo Teatro (PNT): creativity and growth.
Piccolo Nuovo Teatro has preserved the character and objectives of its progenitor, Theatre Company ATMO but paramount is the constant search to develop new ways to tell the stories.
PNT finds its expression in a language of symbols and visions that are rooted in the Renaissance tradition.
It is from the Renaissance that the  inspiration comes in the use of stilts, theatrical machinery, flame and fireworks.
Strong and unexpected images and moments of great visual impact arise from the evocative magic of street theater.

- Piccolo Nuovo Teatro

The staff of Theatre Company: Piccolo Nuovo Teatro

Artisti di strada il Presidente Giorgia Ceccarelli

Giorgia Ceccarelli
President/ Founding partner of Cooperative

Artisti di strada il Vice Presidente Alessio

Alessio Papini
Vice President/ Founding partner of Cooperative


The team of our street artist and nouveau cirque


artisti di strada roberto

Roberto Capocchia
Actor on Stilts/ Founding partner of Cooperative

artisti di strada lorenzo

Lorenzo Incontri
Actor on Stilts/ scenographer

artisti di strada agnese

Agnese Menzolini
Actor on Stilts/ aerial dance

artisti di strada giuliapaola

Giuliapaola Fagioli
Actor on Stilts/Aerial Dance/Teacher at the school of circus
artisti di strada arianna

Gianpaolo Broccatelli
Actor on Stilts/Aerial Dance

artisti di strada emanuele

Emanuele Pirinei
Actor on Stilts/ Light Design/ Sound Technician

artisti di strada marco

Marco Serrau
Actor on Stilts/ Actor

artisti di strada jessica

Jessica Bruni
Actor on Stilts/ Actor

artisti di strada simone

Simone Frascarelli
Light Design/ Sound Technician

We do not want to omit anyone!

There are many people and skills that are involved in our cooperative. It would be impossible to introduce all of them, the sectors/ areas are so numerous: tailoring department, wood processing and similar, creating masks to metalworking, the department of communication and marketing, management of the Theatre Esperia. In short, a multitude of people that with their skills and their passion help make this theatre company great. Thank you all very much for the affection and dedication you show us every day.
Piccolo Nuovo Teatro

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