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The school of circus arts and theatre for children based in Bastia Umbra in the province of Perugia is a project of the Company of Street Artists of Piccolo Nuovo Teatro. The school of small circus, was born as a centre for experimentation/ research and lifelong learning, including continuing training.
The aim is to introduce a sporting discipline as an alternative to conventional ones and develop different disciplines of theatre and spectacle, using the know-how acquired by the members of the company in many years of activity.
  •  The subjects taught to children are many: juggling (balls, hoops, clubs, diablo), aerial acrobatics (trapeze, rope, textiles, circle), balance (unicycle, stilts, tightrope), acrobatics and acting / clowning.
    The physical training faced is actually more like a sport, blending theatrical techniques that train the body from the point of view of expression increasing its own awareness. This work aims to achieve results in both physical and psychosocial terms.
    The goal is to train students to deal with the performing arts of circus and street, but also to stimulate the cognitive processes and learning related to the experience and experimentation of body in  movement, expression and creativity.
  •  In spite of the method of approach being essentially playful and free from the competitive dynamics that usually exist in other sports, the results are obtained through a long, careful and constant physical preparation.
    During training we experience forms of unusual balance, we study  synchronicity, accuracy, the ability to understand others and mutual trust, the uniqueness of each individual, solidarity and sensitivity to others and ultimately trust in ourselves.
  •  There are proven benefits from the practice of disciplines such as circus work: the playful learning, consistency in training and exercise develop personal skills like concentration, visual and motor/movement coordination, creativity, memory, discipline, physical and inner  balance, self-confidence, the ability to cooperate, communication, accountability, and more. It's a game, but is also a challenge, a chance to confront their own limitations and their own fantasies, but first it is fun. The way we teach theatre arts at our school  conveys technical skills, but most importantly the culture of the game.
  •  The school of circus and theatre Rataplan is housed in a real circus tent, adequately equipped to be a place of training in safety but also a striking space to see beautiful circus shows or to organize private parties. The space is available for temporary rent.
    Together with the Teatro Esperia, space managed by Piccolo Nuovo Teatro, the tent Rataplan, is also available for artists for periods of residence and artistic creation.
Scuola di piccolo circo Rataplan

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