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Spectacle of Street Theatre


In the streets and squares of the city, a variegated group of circus folks approach, accompanied by a large pedaled cannon. Accomplices and 'enemies' of their feared ring master, every day their biggest concern is to attract the attention of the audience. But as so often happens 'an unforeseeable event' occurs which changes the routine and the entire circus brigade falls into delirium.

  •  This fiction is the basis of everything: from the masks worn by the actors, recalling the commedia dell'arte (comedy of craft) and representing caricatures of classic circus characters (ring master, cannon lady, strongman, animal tamer, groom etc)
  •  Each of the players is characterized by feelings brought to exasperation. There are no half measures just features taken to the extreme. Will these suspect circus folks be able to drop their masks at the end of the show?
  •  TECHNICAL NOTES C.S.C. The show lasts for a total of about 50 minutes which provides, if conditions permit, a parade at the beginning on top of the theatrical musical machinery. It can be performed either by day or night and requires a stage area of 15m x 15m. The company will provide audio and lighting. We require a supply of electricity of at least 15 kw, three-phase and neutral, at a maximum distance of 20 meters from the stage space.

ARTISTIC NOTES (not available)
show of street theater circondati da sospetti circensi
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