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Itinerant performance of great pathos. Involving and spectacular, showing the city in a different light. The streets are filled with characters that seem almost mythological. Music, lights, smoke, colors, this parade is intended to grab every sense of the viewer, to catch hold of him and take him to a different dimension.
  •  The title denotes not only the inspired costumes and masks but also the style of the parade that is crazy and full of effects, like a hurricane of sparkles and rhythms that distorts every corner through which it passes.
  •  The actors on stilts follow the route showing the public their sophisticated virtuosity and acrobatic movements.
  •  Technical notes. The show can be performed anywhere, day or night. It has a variable length depending on the length of the route but cannot exceed 40 consecutive minutes. With the appropriate pauses, it can be replicated in small blocks of performance during the day.

Itinerant parade street theatre la diavolata
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